Getting Started

Flashcard Champion Basic Math is designed to help children ages 4 to 11 quickly learn their math tables for numbers 1 to 15 in a fun and enjoyable presentation.  Flashcard Champion Basic Math is also great for older students and adults wishing to brush up on their math skills.

Game Rules

Every Flashcard Champion Basic Math game is determined by two settings.  The first setting is the number of questions.  You can choose a game of 10, 20, 30, or 40 questions in length.  The second setting is the mathematical operation you want to practice: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  

Once you have selected your game settings, tap the red apple Start button at the bottom of the opening screen.  This will hide the opening screen and prepare a new game.  Follow the onscreen instructions and tap again to begin your game!  

Once the game begins, you will see several items on the screen.  At the top of the screen is the scoreboard.  The scoreboard shows the number of correct answers on the left side by the green light.  It shows the number of incorrect answers on the right side by the red light.  In the middle of the scoreboard is the game timer, which updates every hundredth of a second.  Below the scoreboard is the math problem area.  The current math problem will be shown here.  

Below the question area is the answer list.  Flashcard Champion Basic Math shows 6 potential answers to the current math problem, of which only one answer is correct.  Tap on an answer to select it as your answer to the current math problem.  If your answer is correct, you will hear a high-pitched tone and proceed to the next problem.  The number of correct answers displayed on the scoreboard will also increase.  If your answer is incorrect, you will hear a lower-pitched tone and proceed to the next problem.  The number of incorrect answers displayed on the scoreboard will also increase.  

When all math problems have been answered, the game is over.  If your score is good enough and you achieve a new high score, the game will ask you to enter your name for the high score board.


There are several ways to customize your Flashcard Champion game.  Tapping on the Options button on the opening screen will take you to the Options screen.

The first option is Enable Audio.  Flashcard Champion uses many sound effects throughout the game to enhance the gaming experience.  Setting Enable Audio to Off will completely disable these sound effects.

The next option is Timer Display.  During game play, the game timer is displayed at the top of the screen.  The timer is accurate to the hundredth of a second and is updated constantly.  This can be distracting for some players.  Setting the Timer Display option to Off will make the timer invisible.  This hides the timer from view but does not disable the timer.  The timer will continue to run in the background and all games will still be timed.

The Highest Number option sets the highest number that can be used for math problems in the game.  The default is 12 but the setting can go as high as 15 and as low as 6.  Setting a lower number can be helpful for younger players.  Keep in mind that if you set a low number but also set a high number of game questions, 40 for example, many of the questions will be repeated since there are fewer possible math problems.

At the bottom of the Options screen is the Reset All High Scores button.  Occasionally it may be useful to delete all of the current high scores from the game and start fresh.  Tapping on this button will display a confirmation alert to ensure you really want to reset all of the high scores.  Tapping Yes on the confirmation alert will cause all of the existing high scores to be permanently deleted.

High Scores

Flashcard Champion automatically keeps track of the best 5 performances in all game types.  To view the high scores board, tap on the Scores button at the bottom of the opening screen.  Once the high scores screen is shown, you will see the current high scores for the current game type scroll onto the board.  If there are no high scores for the current game type, all of the scores will show as "No scores yet".  To see the high scores for other game types, simply tap on the right or left arrow at the top of the high scores screen.